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The arrival of autumn heralds the return to the interior of the house. The decoration must therefore activate its cocooning mode and promise softness and comfort.

Each season has its own desire for change! Autumn is here and naturally our desire to renew our decoration comes back with this mid-season. With the coming drop in temperatures and shorter days, our interiors must compensate for this change and become more comfortable. Make way for trendy and warm colors, cocooning materials but also new decoration ideas for a soft autumn. Take a look at the interior design websites or on a real estate website like for example to get an idea of the decoration to choose for your home.

We still bring you some useful advice.

Warm up the rooms with blond wooden furniture.

An essential material for a warm decoration, wood is changing this fall into a blond version to sublimate our interiors. Low armchair in blond wood, end of sofa in blond wood or other small pieces of furniture easy to add to its decoration, blond wood ideally fits in the interiors this season to bring them warmth and softness.

Make your decoration travel with vegetal wallpaper

Give a new perspective to your bedroom or living room with a wall dressed with plant-based wallpaper. Black and white or quilted with bright colors, the vegetal wallpaper wakes up a room that is too wise and gives a summer feel to the fall season. You can dream of sunshine and warmth without moving from home!

Replace the lights to see clearly

If you're the kind of person who likes to collect, this is the time to collect small table lamps! Enlarge the family of table lamps on the living room side for the fall. You will gain as much luminosity as charm for this friendly room. We bet on small decorative lamps in the air of time, conical, pastel or brass for example!

Use indoor plants for a feeling of nature.

In the fall, we prefer to take refuge inside with a hot tea, reading or watching a good movie. Obviously, we spend less time outside, breathing and taking in natural light. We then rely on indoor plants to clean the air and bring a vegetal touch in our living room, bedroom or even bathroom. We can also play the 100% deco card by installing these plants in designer or completely natural planters...

Invest in carpets for more comfort

Take advantage of the coming fall to make the right decorating investments. Among them: carpet. In the bedroom or in the living room, the carpet remains a must to boost its decoration.  Its presence immediately confers a cocooning atmosphere. With its sometimes colorful colors, it awakens the decoration and matches perfectly with the colors of the season.

Bet on touches of color to counter the greyness.

Since fall often rhymes with grayness and rain, you need to counter the seasonal blues with color! We bet on the trendy colors of autumn and add a brightly colored decorative element to your decor, like a beautiful terracotta or yellow armchair or why not a living room carpet in this invigorating spirit!

Add cushions and plaids on the bedroom side to gain in warmth

With the fall, it is also winter time that is coming back. Less brightness and the tiredness that is felt a little more. So we take advantage of this time to concoct a 100% cosy room for autumn with materials that are reassuring to the eye and soft to the touch. Plaids and quilts leave the closets to venture back to the bed. A ribbon of cushions will also be welcome to make the room more cosy than ever.

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