DIY decorating tips for your home this festival

If you see lights all around as you walk around, it's no surprise that Diwali time has arrived, from cleaning the house to redesigning the interior, everyone is busy making their home so perfect.than it can be on the occasion of Diwali.

Preparation is in full swing across the country as people are busy shopping for household items, decorations, gifts, and stocking up on cooking.The festival is very important because it does not light up not just the country, but it brings people together to celebrate light upon darkness.

In the midst of the busy schedule of preparation, people love to decorate their homes with beautiful lights, flowers and artistic designs, however, our budget and time does not always allow us to go out and buy this expensive piece of decoration.So, here are some of the DIY decorations you can use for your homes this Diwali:

1.Paper cup lights

Take some paper cups you have at home, wrap them in beautiful colored papers and paint beautiful patterns on the cups.Make a garland by joining the cups along a thread, the cups facing down., make a small hole in the bottom of each mug and insert the bulbs or LED lights into the hole, you can hang these amazing designs on the sides of the door or windows.

2.Wine bottle lights

Make this simple bottle lamp decoration just by collecting wine or glass bottles.Clean the surface of the bottles of all stickers and insert the LED lights or string lights inside the bottle.It is a decoration quite fast and stylish, especially when you don't have time.Place the decorated bottle anywhere in the house and the room will be fascinating.Use a stick to put the lights inside the bottle.You can paint and design the glass bottle for more exquisite designs.

Posted Date: 2020-11-15

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